Aptar Beauty + Home designs a mess-free squeezable dropper

Aptar Beauty + Home presents Star Drop, the next generation mess-free compact squeezable dropper that stays clean from the first drop.

Star Drop features their patented SimpliSqueeze valve technology to guarantee precise, clean and easy drop-by-drop dispensing of ultra-fluid formulas. Consumers will love that there is no messy dispensing and foundation smudges and that it comes in a cabin-bag friendly travel size. 

Since the Star Drop dispenses drop by drop, consumers maintain complete control of the amount and there is no wasted product. The transparent pippette on the patented valve gives full view of the product while in use. 

The valve retracts and sucks the liquid back into the packaging when not in use. This means that the squeezer remains clean and there's no product transfer to clothes, hands, or the inside of a handbag.

This is the perfect fit for ultra-fluid formulas, from liquid foundation, liquid primers, highlighters, serums, active concentrates, face, or hair oils.

The Star Drop is made mainly from PP, making it recyclable.  

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