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Uriage selects Aptar’s Evoclassic Pump for its new skincare product in the Age product line

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Aptar Beauty + Home, a global leader in packaging and dispensing systems of the cosmetics industry, is offering an innovative solution that protects the most fragile formulas in a convenient and lightweight packaging.

Age Protect Instant Multi-Correction Filler-Care is Uriage’s first skincare product to be equipped with a skincare pump on a tube, developed by Aptar in partnership with Neopac. This packaging preserves the formula and offers a great consumer experience by providing precision dosing in a travel-friendly format.

A Highly Reliable Airless Skincare Solution

The Evoclassic pump by Aptar combined with a tube gives Uriage an airless packaging solution with a more precise dosage compared to a classic tube. It also provides protection against external agents, creates a barrier against the product drying out or oxidising and reduces the number of preservatives needed in the formula.

A High Performance Tube

Tube manufacturer NEOPAC developed the “Polyfoil” tube, which contains a layer of aluminium that protects the formula from light, air, water vapour and substance intrusion. Its internal non-stick layer allows the product to be removed easily and without waste. The end result is a clean, hygienic and user-friendly product that can be used in every position, even upside down. A nomadic product, perfect for touchups throughout the day.

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