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Tips and products to help tackle cleaning your home

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When the duration spent indoors is as lengthy as the winter, there are few better ways to celebrate the advent of warm weather than with a freshly cleaned home. Luckily, there are numerous methods that make the ritual of cleaning more enjoyable.

A national study conducted by the American Cleaning Institute found that 78% of adults agree they would like their homes to be cleaner on a typical day. This desire ultimately urges brands to provide products that satisfy elements of convenience and effectiveness, leaving consumer’s homes looking and smelling clean in a timely manner.

Aptar Beauty + Home offers an extensive portfolio of home care dispensing products that are prepared to do the heavy lifting.

“Products like Apollo offer consumers and brands the flexibility to choose between a spray that offers wide coverage for large surfaces and a spray for small or hard to reach spaces all in one actuator, making it a perfect solution for surface care.” Katie Schomberg, Business Development Director, Home Care.

Read below for our top five tips to help tackle cleaning!

Create a Schedule

Before you can take the dive into deep cleaning, it is important to know where to start. The best starting areas are ones that might require extra attention or areas commonly overlooked during your normal cleaning routine. Don’t try to tackle it all at once – plan out where you will start.


The change of season is an excellent time to finally organize that pile of papers and mail on your desk, or take control of that chaotic closet. In addition to freeing up space around the house, numerous studies support the notion of decluttering being beneficial to self care.


After you have decluttered it is time to clean surfaces. Using the appropriate disinfectants on high-touch surfaces is a great way to keep things clean while limiting the spread of germs and viruses. Disinfecting alongside dusting and wiping surfaces down assures your surfaces are as clean as possible & fresh for the next season. Products like Apollo give consumers the choice between dispensing their favorite home care product in hard to reach areas, or larger surfaces.

Furry Friends

Those with pets can use spring cleaning as an opportunity to brush and bathe the smaller, furrier members of their family. Be sure to brush your pet outside to help remove loose hairs that carry allergens, dust, and dander. There are also various pet care products that can help your pets look, feel, and smell as fresh and clean as possible after this routine. Aptar Beauty + Home provides pet care dispensing solutions that can ease the tricky process by providing closures that allow bottles to be stored upside down so product is at-the-ready, alongside pumps (pictured in post-consumer recycled resin) for a one handed dispense.

Fresh Views

Once the inside of your home is looking fresh and clean, tie it all together with clean windows. Spraying windows with a glass cleaner & wiping them down afterwards is a great way to usher in a streak-free shine that will leave your guests dazzled in fresh light.

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