Aptar creates Essencia Screw pump for refillable fragrances

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Aptar Beauty + Home continues to innovate in the name of packaging sustainability, extending the Essencia pump range with the launch of the Essencia Screw pump. Responding to a key fragrance industry demand for sustainable packaging solutions, the Essencia Screw allows glass fragrance bottles to be refilled and the pump to be reused.


Contemporary fragrance consumers are increasingly demanding products that are both beautiful and sustainable. Offering refillable fragrances responds to key concerns modern consumers have around reducing packaging waste. The Essencia Screw presents eco-consumers with a simple means of refilling and reusing both the fragrance bottle and pump – both of which would normally be destined for the bin once the fragrance is finished.

As a bonus for fragrance manufacturers, Essencia Screw also serves to engender consumer loyalty by encouraging repurchase of the initial fragrance product, albeit in a different format.


Aptar’s Essencia Screw pump has been designed with ease of use and attractive aesthetics in mind. Thanks to an internal plastic ring, the metal collar of the pump remains separated from the glass bottle, reducing the risk of friction that would cause the bottle neck to break as the pump is being screwed off or on. For the consumer, this ensures the bottle and pump can be reused numerous times.

The aesthetic of the Screw pump is similar to a crimped pump, with a collar diameter that is the same as the FEA15 standard.


Aptar’s Essencia Screw pump delivers the same high performance for which the Essencia pump range is renowned. Essencia Screw is suitable for 15/400 threaded necks and is available in both 70µl and 100µl dosage, providing additional options for fragrance manufacturers. In production as of March 2020, Essencia Screw opens up a new segment in a mutating market, at a time when manufacturers and consumers alike are being challenged to look to a different future with hope.

With the launch of Essencia Screw, Aptar Beauty + Home once again confirms its commitment to sustainability, delivering a modern, trendy product that will help drive the fragrance market of tomorrow.

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